Sermon – Hagar, Ambridge, Church Abuse, Eid Mubarak

If I think back to my grandfather, now long passed away, I have a number of memories. One strikes me in particularly today.

And it was a particular devotion. Almost a religious ritual.

It could be performed at lunchtime or it could be performed in the early evening. But the important thing was that it had to happen every day.

I believe my grandfather may well have had some connection with country living in his youth though he was a city dweller for all the life that I ever knew him to have. But his devotion to an everyday story of country folk was a thing of legend.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, I refer to the longest running radio soap opera – the Archers, broadcast now on Radio 4.

Actually, it may be the only radio soap opera for all I know – it does not seem to be a particularly crowded field.

It was a part of my grandfather’s life. He listened with a passion.

In the way of families, my own father inherited no love of the Archers and only has to hear the cheery, bouncing signature tune to prompt him to reach for the off switch.

For myself, I have found a good old-fashioned Anglican via media [Read more…]