Prayer for Flight MH17

It would appear from news report that are still breaking that there is a very strong likelihood that the Malaysian plane which has crashed in the Ukraine has been brought down deliberately by someone as yet unknown but connected with the conflict that rages in that part of the world.

It is one of those moments where the world looks on with horror at something utterly terrible.

I find myself struggling to know how to pray in circumstances like this but prayer must be found somehow. How to form a prayer for Flight MH17? Something prompts me to think of St Adamnan of Iona – one of those saints whom more people should know about. He is most famous for writing a biography of St Columba but should be far better known for his Law of the Innocents. It was one of the first attempts to lessen the savagery of warfare by getting those fighting to commit to leave the innocent untouched by conflict. Adamnan’s witness shines like a beacon from the Celtic lands. A product of what we now know are Ireland and Scotland, his influence is with us today and his message is entwined with modern diplomacy, concepts of human rights and the work of all who strive for peace.

So Adamnan of Iona, prompt our prayers….

Eternal God
for all those killed this day,
for those killed in warfare,
for those who work for peace,
for those killed on flight MH17,
for those who work for justice,
for those who are innocent who are killed in the conflicts of others,
for diplomats, peacemakers, politicians and opinion formers in all places of danger.
Lord in your mercy,
Hear our prayer.