Still snuffling

I’ve spent most of the last week snuffling. Many tissues have been expended, much lemsip has been consumed and all the while, I’ve not been moaning.

“Do you have a man-cold?” I’ve been asked on more than on occassion. I’ve denied it so far. After all, I think it is far better to leave man-colds to the lesbians.

However, there is no doubting that I’ve not been very well. Yesterday I snuffled along to church in the morning, only to be sent home by a collaborative team who stood around me asking what there was that I was intending to do which no-one else could do. “Go home and save yourself for tonight” they said.

I went home. I saved myself for the evening which was an Advent Carol Service.

By evening I was still far from able to take the service. However, I did go along to church in order to cancel all my appointments for the next couple of days so that I can be good and stay at home and get better.

I did shuffle into church and lurked behind a pillar for the carol service which was excellent. The choir were on top form. A particularly good carol from Paul Manz which ended with a fantastic chord which even reached deep into my blocked sinuses.

My thanks to all concerned