Diocesan Boundaries

There was an interesting flurry of postings online over the last weekend about what might happen to certain dioceses in the USA who are disaffected within The Episcopal Church and where their bishops are seeking to lead them to a more theologically narrow resting place. In particular, the Primate of the Southern Cone (ie bits of South America), The Most Rev Gregory Venables seems to be wanting to welcome them into his province. The Times had the rumour last Saturday that this plan was thought to be very sensible by Rowan Williams.

It is exciting news indeed. If it is indeed Archbishop Rowan’s will that such realignment takes place, we can move fast on the secret plans for diocesan boundary review in the Scottish Episcopal Church. Look out Newcastle and Carlisle – we are coming to get you.

Sodor and Man has only ever been on loan. (We’ll divy that one up between us and the Norwegians, if they make a fuss).