Mothering Sunday

Here is a treat for Mothering Sunday – here at St Mary’s we are having the annual “Come to Mother Church” shindig at 6.30 pm. We’ve got massed musicians from all over the diocese singing some great music, a pinch of poetry, a wee sermon from me and the delight of singing songs of praise in good company in a great building. We’re even going to try to offer a cuppa afterwards, not an inconsiderable task for those numbers in a building without great facilities.

We are presuming to take the theme of the Annunciation this time. (The proper date is next Wednesday, but we’re anticipating it by a few days – think of it as the angel’s ponderings as he was on the way to Nazareth).

+Idris will be there. Choristers are coming by bus from the Galloway end of the diocese. Even the Angel Gabriel is coming. Don’t let the only person missing be you.

All welcome.