Prayer for the Day – Script 6

And here is the final one of the batch of Prayer for the Day scripts that have been going out on Radio 4 every day this week:

Good Morning

Someone asked me the other day what is the first memory that I have. I was able to tell them and to date it exactly. I’m a child of the time of the space race, and my first memory is of being taken outside on a dark night to look at the moon. “Look,” I was told, “there are people there”.

I was three years old and was probably more excited at staying up late and being taken outside into the mysterious darkness than I was at being told that there were men on the moon.

Today happens to be the anniversary of the launch of Apollo 5 – the first time the lunar module was tested in space flight. It was just one part of the process that allowed human beings to reach for the moon and come back safely.

Exploration seems somehow to be built into our psychology. Most people probably always want to stay at home and live a quiet life in safety and security. But human life consistently seems to throw up adventurers in every generation who want to go where no-one has gone before, see things that no-one has seen before and experience things that no-one has ever previously known.

Perhaps that means that there is also an inner adventurer in each of us. For even those of us who stay at home have new things to face with each day that dawns. As new challenges come our way, let us pray that we may accept them graciously, tackle them boldly and be kind to all we encounter on the pathways of our own adventures.

Guiding God, as this day unfolds, inspire us with fresh insights, challenge us with new experiences and reassure us that your love never changes. Amen.

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