Sermon for BBC Radio 4 – 1 July 2007

Not long ago, I took a walk with a friend along the riverside path from close to where we’re worshipping now, down the river Kelvin. We walked, we talked and suddenly, he said, “Look, what’s that?” It was a flash of blue darting over the water. We stared intently for a few moments. The river flowed by. There it was again. Swooping low. Blue. Stunning electric blue flashing this way and that.
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Turn your radio on

Those of you who are in range of the BBC’s transmitters can hear a service from St Mary’s tomorrow.

We are doing the 0810 Morning Worship slot on Radio 4. 38 glorious minutes of Sunday morning prime-time.

Those of you furth of these shores can hear all of this on the BBC’s listen again page soon after the broadcast.

Off to polish up the sermon.