To the Tower

Off to the Tower yesterday afternoon – my annual trip up the tower at St Mary’s to the ringing chamber for the Bell Ringers’ AGM. It was great to see the ringers and to be able to congratulate them in person for their achievement during the year. There are one or two new members of the band, which is always encouraging and there were reports of good ringing from the home crowd and quite a few visitors through the year.

We got into an interesting discussion about the connection that the bells make between the liturgy of the church and the street outside and the world beyond. Its not uncommon for folk to tell me that when they hear the bells ringing before Evensong, its like the start of the service as they come down Great Western Road.

They are a friendly bunch and always willing to give instruction to those who want to learn to ring. If you are interested, call the cathedral office and ask to be put in touch with the bellringers’ secretary. I know they would be pleased to hear from you.