Sermon – 27 July 2008 Leah's Lovely Eyes

[The audio of this sermon can be heard on this page – the text is Genesis 29:15-28].

I have to confess, that I’ve quite enjoyed preaching on the readings that we have been getting in the book of Genesis. All human life, it seems is there.

I preached a couple of weeks ago about how a wife was found for Isaac. This week’s reading is about how Jacob got two.

All human life is here in just a few verses. We have drama, pathos, jealousy, sensuality and unrequited love.

It is a simple tale, isn’t it. It is as old as the hills. Boy meets girl. Boy sooks up to the prospective father-in-law. Boy married girl. Boy gets rather a surprise in the morning. Boy sooks up to wicked father-in-law again. Boys gets married again. And all ends up happy. It could happen to anyone! [Read more…]