Equality Training for Bishops?

Leaving aside the Hapless Rowan story for a moment, let us just give thanks that John Reaney’s legal case has come to its conclusion. He has been awarded £47000 for the discrimination that he suffered.

There has been little sign of remorse from the cleric in question, the Bishop of Hereford, who was given Stonewall’s Bigot of the Year award last year for his actions.

The tribunal ruling contains the following suggestion that “staff [in the diocese of Hereford] involved in recruitment should receive equal opportunities training”.

All this is reported in the Times with the following headline, which is ever so slightly too good to be true:
Bishop ordered to have equality training over gay discrimination

Congratulations to the Polis

Congratulations are in order to Lothian and Borders Police for becoming the most gay friendly employer in Scotland according to Stonewall.

It is an amazing turn around – 20 years ago it would have been inconceivable to me that a police force could ever be named as a gay friendly organization. We should not underestimate this achievement.

Now, which of the mainstream churches can clean up its act and be the first denomination to do the same? Instead of providing candidates like the Bishop of Hereford for the Bigot of the Year award, wouldn’t it be nice to aim for something more wholesome?