Albino Piano spotted on South Side

To St Margaret’s Church, Newlands yesterday afternoon for a concert. (Or as they advertise it on the wall outside, the Scottish Episcopal Church of St Margarets, whoever St Margarets was).

The concert was very good. Our own Mr Oliver Rundell at the piano, with Mr Alex South on clarinet, and Ms Sonia Cromarty on cello playing a feast of Brahms. Just what one wants for a thoughtful Sunday afternoon, though a bit of a dash back for Evensong, with the same Mr Oliver Rundell playing exquisite psalm accompaniments at the organ.

It was the first concert at St Margaret’s to feature their new piano, which seems to have been born an albino. Even within the concert it was referred to as looking like a pimp’s piano. I have to confess that this was a simile previously unknown to me. It must be a turn of phrase unique to the South Side of the city where white pianos and piano playing pimps are perhaps more common. I had not been thinking of it in precisely such terms during the concert, though I had been wondering whether Ms Bonnie Langford would be appearing to do a tap-dance routine on the lid of it during the second half.

No such luck, of course.

No such luck.