The Grand Opening of St Silas Hall

Round to St Silas church, round the corner from St Mary’s yesterday for the grand opening of their grand new hall. They’ve built a three storey large space will anciliary rooms around it. It is a very impressive achivement and they are to be congratulated for all they have achieved.

Fr David was sporting a perky kilt, and seemed to be carrying a faint glow of happiness that the project was coming to an end, which was a joy to share. Large building projects are incredibly hard work and it must be wonderful for them all round there to see this one reaching its conclusion.

I don’t understand why there are not building regulations which prevent architects from building a building where you cannot change the lights without scaffolding, but presumably people think that would be the nanny state talking.

It was good to see Fr Mike Parker, home from Egypt for a week. He’s now leading the English speaking congregation at the Cathedral in Cairo. It was absolutely fascinating to hear from him and Helen about what its been like living in Egypt during the revolution.

I have only one problem really with the new building at St Silas. It is that it has caused me to sin. For the ten commandments are very clear, are they not:
Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s toilets.

However, covet I’m afraid I did.