How to sleep on the sleeper

Did I mention that I came back from London on the sleeper? It remains my favourite way of travelling back from south to north as you can catch it after a night at the theatre. (In this case Democracy at the Old Vic). Generally I prefer to fly down and sleeper back.

Here are my Caledonian Sleeper tips….

  • Don’t believe the time that they advertise as when the sleeper will be ready for boarding. It is often later than that.
  • Leaving a big city at midnight by train is inherently romantic.
  • Being in Euston at 11.30 pm is inherently unromantic.
  • For excitement, intrigue, value for money and frisson book a bargain berth and share with Who Knows Who.
  • If sharing with an unknown companion who has not arrived when the train leaves, don’t presume anything. He could show up anytime, anywhere.
  • For a better night’s sleep pay more and get a cabin to yourself.
  • For no sleep at all, use the reclining seats. You will however, learn much about humanity.
  • Don’t worry about sleeping – tell yourself that all you have to do is doze and you’ll probably fall asleep anyway.
  • The more you pay, the better the breakfast in bed.
  • Murmur in the steward’s ear as you get on that you’d prefer your breakfast to be served after everyone else if possible
  • Beware of muddling the buttons that open the toilet compartment with the adjacent buttons which open the disabled cabin next door. (Especially at 4 am).
  • Flipflops.
  • Travelling North to South on certain tickets give you access to a lounge at Euston with free showers. No such luck coming the other way.
  • If turfed off the sleeper at 7 am and going to work at 9 am, don’t go home and go to sleep. Go swimming instead.
  • You can charge phones in the lounge car but not in your cabin.
  • That little hook by your head is for putting your watch on, but don’t forget it in the morning.
  • Take extra water.
  • The first stop is Carlisle. The stop with all the shunting is Carstairs.
  • Don’t go for a wander before Carstairs or your cabin might go to Glasgow whilst you go to Edinburgh.
  • You might arrive going a different direction to the one you set off in. Don’t be confused, they’ve not turned you round and sent you back to London after all.

Any tips I missed?