Last week's sermon

Here is last week's sermon – I've got myself behind in uploading things.

Here is the text:
The gospel reading can be read in two ways. Well, at least two ways, I dare say that there are more. I'm going to describe them to you and I want you to think about which comes most naturally to you. Once we have thought about that, we may be able to face some of the big questions, that I have just described.

This morning seems to be a morning for boating stories – so here is one of mine. I remember a June evening some ago – I was away on holiday, sailing with my friends who have a boat. And I remember hearing the forecast come on the radio. Winds force six to seven, eight for a time. And even as I stand here now, I can remember what it felt like to hear those words. Force six to seven, eight for a time. [Read more…]