Prayer for the Day – Script 5

Here’s what I said to the nation this morning on Radio 4 at 0543:

Good Morning

It is fifty-one years ago today since the death of Cecil B DeMille – film producer extraordinaire, showman and master of monumental movie experiences.

Cecil B DeMille was responsible for giving us epic expectations in the cinema and epic expectations when reading the Bible.

It was Mr DeMille who provided the visual backdrop that many will have when they read the biblical stories. Those scenes are hard to forget. Hurtling chariots, fiercely contested battle scenes and smouldering temptresses like Delilah. And when we think of large crowds we describe them as being of “biblical proportions” – no small testament to the success of Cecil B DeMille’s expansive vision.

Of course, it is easier to portray narratives and stories on the big screen than it is to convey the quieter moments of spirituality – the deep breath we take when we look ahead to what it coming later in the day, thoughtful words which will not let us go and jangle around in our minds as the day goes on, the hope of thanksgiving when the day comes to an end and all is still.

All through today, our comings and goings will be played out on the wide-screen of everyday life. Whether humdrum or epic, we each have stories to tell and we each have insights into the world that are ours alone. Let us give thanks for the excitement and drama that life provides us. And give thanks too for the still small voice of God that we can sometimes perceive when all the drama stops.

God most holy,
we give thanks for bringing us out of the shadow of night
into the light of morning;
and we ask you for the joy of spending this day well,
so that when evening comes, we may once more give you thanks. Amen.

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