Christchurch, New Zealand

Turned on the radio an hour ago to hear about the devastating earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand. Immediately began to think about New Zealanders whom I know and immediately realise who we will be praying for today in church in addition to those whom we have been thinking about in North Africa and the Middle East.

The the news that the quake has toppled the spire of Christchurch Cathedral itself. People describe the dust cloud rising from the debris.

Christchurch Cathedral, hmm.

I realise a connection. Soon after St Mary’s, Glasgow was built, the architect , Sir George Gilbert Scott began work on Christchurch Cathedral in New Zealand.

I manage to find some pictures on Flickr. Apart from the apse at the East End, its essentially the same building as St Mary’s.

I gaze at the space that I know so well yet seemingly constructed from stone a world away. I think of the congregation there. Those who sat at worship in those seats but two days ago and shared Eucharist with us and with all God’s people.

O God,
be with the people of Christchurch this day.
In your mercy.
Hear our prayer.

[Pictures from Edwin Lee. jgraham and ken mccown]