Here is a quick headsup for the Nexus event taking place at the SECC from Thursday to Saturday week. In their wisdom, they have changed the name of the Christian Resources Exhibition to Nexus Scotland. It makes it sound like a dating agency to me, but what would I know? (And anyway one might get lucky…)

The Christian Resources Exhibition has always been a favourite event in the calendar. It is like a camp, holy version of the Ideal Home Exhibition, but with every tat merchant in town. It is a strange combination of the useful (“could you just give me some samples of the different incense blends you have… and a set for my friend… oh, and another one”) and the bizarre (“just explain once more how wearing a silver brooch which has a Bible verse inscribed on the reverse is such an important witness…”). Then there are the stalls selling things which some people are clearly taking seriously and others are using to buy ironic Christmas presents for sad vicars. (“Oh, Holy Socks, how funny!…”)

There are Christians selling books, insurance, music, sound systems, endless stewardship resources, schemes for children, cheat sermon services and all manner of things you have no idea you don’t need.

Anyway, the Scottish Episcopal Church has a stall at the event. And, doing a creditable impersonation of poacher turned gamekeeper, I find that I’m on the stall on Friday. So, if you go to the exhibition, and though I recommend not taking it too seriously, I do recommend that anyone involved in church life does go, do say hello at the SEC stall whenever you are there. Friday is Bloggers’ Friday – if you are reading this or writing your own, do drop by.

Lots of people read this blog but never comment. (I can’t blame you, I’m quite reserved about dealing with people to whom I’ve not received a proper introduction). If that means you, turn up, press the flesh and murmur discretely “Mr Thurible, I presume.”