Synod – age discrimination

We move on to a canon removing age discrimination from the canons.

I get up to say that I support the motion, but ask whether there are any other forms of discrimination which would be allowed in the church which would not be allowed in another workplace.

I’m told that they will take this question to the committee.


The motion passes overwhelmingly. No age discrimination here.

Synod – clergy personel issues

The question of clergy employment comes up yet again. We are told once again that clergy are not employed, even though there have been recent circumstances where clergy have  been treated as though they are employed in the law.

A question is asked as to whether or not we need to deal with every employment issue seperately or whether the church could not pass a canon simply according the clergy employment rights.

We are told that the clergy overwhelmingly want this to be dealt with on an issue by issue basis and not by a single enabling canon.

I get up to ask whether or not I have missed this consultation.

I feel sure that question has not been asked of the clergy. I am told that lots of consultation has taken place.