The cross-dressing bearded nun story

Forgive me, but I can’t help but be interested in the cross-dressing bearded nun story which was in the Herald today.

The short version of the story is that a minister removed a picture of himself dressed as a nun from facebook, where it was his profile pic, following a complaint from someone belonging to the Roman Catholic church who lived in his parish.

I think that the notable thing is that the presbytery seemed to downplay the incident and regard it as fairly low key whilst the Roman Catholic complainant was obviously terribly upset.

Yes, it seems that we now have a situation where a Presbytery seems untroubled by a minister cross-dressing and appearing as a nun whilst the minister himself took notice of a Roman Catholic who appeared to be upset. It strikes me that this is a whole new phase in the psycho-sexual development of religious sensibilities in Scotland for a number of reasons.

I’m trying to work out whether posting a picture of yourself dressed as a nun when you happen to be a Church of Scotland minister breaks the Church of Scotland’s current moratorium on discussing human sexuality in public.

The whole story in the Herald is intercut with comments from the Scottish Catholic Media Office but their placement seems to be a little naughty as those comments were made previously and unless I’m mistaken don’t refer to the bearded presbyterian nun story at all.

The pic on facebook has now been withdrawn. It was in the Herald this morning but I can’t find it anywhere online. That’s a pity, because Mr Caldwell looked rather fetching. Well, rather fetching if you prefer the beard and wimple look, I guess.

I’d have liked to have posted it on here to ask what folk thought of it, particularly as we have a dedicated readership which includes nuns of various sorts.