Other Montezuma Reviews

There are a couple of other Montezuma reviews out there:

  • Conrad Wilson in the Herald liked it. (4 stars – no mention of the dog)
  • Rowena Smith in the Guardian hated it. (2 stars – no mention of the dog except in comments)
  • Conrad Smith also hated it. (2 stars and concern for the dog’s welfare)
  • Ruth Innes loved it. (Note comments by the dog’s PR agent)


Montezuma by Carl Heinrich Graun to a libretto by Frederick II, King of Prussia

Rating: ★★★★☆
This review should appear in due course on the Opera Britannia web-page.
King’s Theatre, Edinburgh – 14 August 2010

Despite a somewhat slow start to proceedings, this Edinburgh Festival production of Montezuma was an inventive, surprising and ultimately very enjoyable evening.

An unsuccessful attempt at setting the Mexican scene was underway in the theatre as the audience took their seats. Shouting hawkers tried to pique the interest of opera-goers by attempting to sell them cheap trinkets and Montezuma T-shirts. Meanwhile members of the company huddled on the stage in peasant fashion apparently knocking together the props. Whilst this might have been entertaining for a few minutes, the production started some twelve minutes late and the joke had worn thin long before the orchestra began an eleven minute overture. It was something of a relief when the curtain finally rose to reveal the title character, the Aztec emperor squatting in centre stage [Read more…]