Carols at the Tron

The Presbytery of Glasgow are having a Carol Service in St George’s Tron on Sunday afternoon.

Details below
Please support this if you are able. From the Presbytery Clerk of Glasgow.

I am pleased to say that a Presbytery Carol Service will be held in St George’s Tron Church of Scotland, Buchanan Street on Sunday 23rd December at 3pm. The guest preacher will be Rt Rev Albert Bogle, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. I would appreciate it if you could publicise this service as widely as possible, by written and verbal intimation (suggested wording below),
encouraging members of your congregation to come and share in this service.

It would be good to show that the living church has not left the building as the former Tron tried to publicise but that the living gospel is alive and well all over Glasgow.

Very Rev Bill Hewitt

Newman. Pope. Feast Day.

David | Dah•veed has alterted me to something that I had not previously been aware of, which is that the intention is apparently to name 9 October as the Feast Day for John Henry Newman, which is the anniversary of his conversion from Anglicanism to Roman Catholicism. As has been pointed out politely elsewhere, this is does seem rather crass ecumenically.

Does anyone know of any other saints whose Feast Day is marked by the date of their joining of the Roman Catholic Church? I’m aware of the Feast of the Conversion of St Paul, but that seems to me to be of another order entirely.

I’d be interested to know if there is any precident for the Newman decision. Anyone know?