Stonewall – Forty Years On

It is 40 years since the Stonewall riots which kickstarted the modern gay human rights movement. In forty years, things have changed a great deal though there is lots to do yet.

I was asked this week if I would go to Edinburgh to speak at Pride Scotia, the annual Scottish Gay Pride march and celebration. Thus it was that at 1230 yesterday I was standing on the top of an open-topped bus alongside some a number of politicians addressing the addressing the assembled crowd through a slightly underpowered microphone system. Along with the politicians I was also asked to carry the banner at the front of the march. As you can probably tell from this photograph, it did rain, just a little, on our parade. However spirits were not dampened. (There are lots more pics being uploaded to Flickr – see here).

Thanks to those Episcopalians who showed up. It is always great to know you have friends in an unpredicatable crowd.

As it was, there was a certain amount of whooping and a-hollering when it was my turn.

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