News of Bishops

My goodness, you do need to keep up to date, don’t you.

Last week we had the news that the Bishop of Edinburgh has set his retirement date for the Feast of the Assumption (ie 15 August) next year. Its all change for the diocese of Edinburgh as they’ve a new Dean too – the Very Rev John Armes, replacing Fr Kevin who is off to take control of the Diocese of Argyll and The Isles in February. We need to give thanks to Bishop Brian for his ministry in Edinburgh. All of our bishops have a hard life – its a tough job and we don’t thank them enough for what they do.

Then there is the news that +Gene has set the date of his retirement from New Hampshire. He’s citing the pressure of dealing with constant death threats and Anglican Communion nonsense in giving his reasons for retiring a bit earlier than he might otherwise have done. It must have been vile. I remember how horrible all that was when he was here in Glasgow in August 2008. Dealing with body-guards and plain-clothes police was no fun and I still don’t really know how he ever managed to stay as sane and good-hearted as he has. I never forgot what it felt like to stand next to someone in church against whose life direct threats have been made. What it is actually like to be on the receiving end of that is unimaginable. Our thanks and good wishes to Bishop Gene for the future. he continues to be an inspiration.

Now, down in the Church of England, there has been a real fluttering in the episcopal doocot today with the news that the flying bishops have, well, flown. They are off to Rome and we must give them our good wishes and prayers as they fly away. Funny how rarely it is headline news when Roman Catholics become Anglicans. There have always been folk who swim across from one church to another. (Some of our best folk are former Roman Catholics). We must bless those travelling to Rome and hope they feel at home. We must also pray for the communities who will receive them. Blessings and goodwill all round, I say.

Meanwhile, the rest of us need to keep on bringing Someone’s kingdom in.