St Paul’s on the Green, Norwalk, CT

We had a great day on Sunday at St Mary’s. The Feast of St James in the morning was a lovely interlude into the usual summer Sunday calendar and then a special Choral Evensong sung by the Choir of St Paul’s on the Green, Norwalk, Connecticut.

They had been in Lincoln for a week singing the services in Lincoln Cathedral and then were going to Edinburgh for this week.

So, why were they so keen to come across and sing in St Mary’s?

Well, it seems that the connection was about more than just music. You see, as I found out on Sunday morning, St Paul’s, Norwalk is another church which is blessed with paintings by Gwyneth Leech, the artist whose murals bring so much joy to St Mary’s.

Gwyneth painted a set of Stations of the Cross for them which now hang permanently in the church. Also, if you go to their web-page and watch through the cycle of pictures, you can see adorning their west wall, a familiar scene. Well, familiar if you know either Kelvingrove Park or the magnificent tryptich in St Anne’s Chapel here in the Cathedral in Glasgow.

A little bit of Glasgow in CT.

Who knew?

Gwyneth is blogging

Check out Gwyneth Leech’s new blog:

She has some lovely cups on her blog right now.

For those who have not met her, Gwyneth is the artist who designed the glorious murals in St Mary’s