Marriage isn’t enough

I’ve been asked recently by a lot of people whether I’m pleased that the new legislation has gone through allowing same-sex couples to get married. I am pleased, of course. I helped to work for it and I’m delighted to see happy smiling faces of couples I know who are now as hitched as anyone else.

However, to ask whether I am satisfied would get a different answer.

You see, I face direct and threatening discrimination at work if I marry. Couples who want to marry in churches like mine can’t do so. And in any case, it isn’t just about marriage anyway.

You see, marriage isn’t enough.

We want to be able to hold hands too.

Can you imagine being allowed to be able to go to the registrar to arrange your own marriage but be frightened to hold hands walking through George Square on your way to do so? Some people reading this will say yes to that question – most won’t even have thought of it.

Panti Bliss, the Irish drag queen is currently continuing the great tradition of drag queens telling the truth about discrimination.

Here she is, and if you’ve never worried about holding someone’s hand, do take a look.