I'm Back & Blogging Again

Right, I’m back in the saddle and back online after a good conference in Oxford and a couple of weeks of holiday.

Let me just pause to welcome any readers who find themselves here from the link on the Church Times blog. I’m surprised that it has not been easier to identify more people blogging from a cathedral point of view.

What have I seen on my travels? Oh, lots of good things that I might blog about over the next few days. Let me just tease you by telling you that most of the meals that I had on the conference that I was on were taken in the place which was the model for Hogwarts’ Dining Hall. Curiously, however,  the plates did not fly about.

Now, whilst you are contemplating whether or not to join the blogmeet on St Cathan’s Day, 17 May 2008 in Dunoon, take a read at the Secret Underground Guide to Social Media for Organizations.

Of course, some of you won’t need to be sent in that direction. You will have been reading it already, won’t you?