Training Videos

I’m currently engaged in gathering together a new group of intercessors for St Mary’s. That means thinking about training for them and I’m trying something that’s new to me.

The idea came from a video that Kimberly Bohan pointed me to a whilst ago. It was someone talking about teaching calculus who found that putting snippets of teaching online before a lesson was greatly appreciated by the students. So much so, that the lessons themselves changed in character completely and it meant that you could have some fun doing more practical things in the lesson itself because the didactic stuff had been done beforehand. Students seemed to like being able to replay and review elements of the teaching that they had not grasped first time around.

I thought I’d try that with this round of intercessors’ training and see whether it is a model that might be useful for other things too.

Here’s the first short video – they are all going to be a collection of snippets, nothing substantial and should be compared in terms of visual excitement to early Open University lectures rather than the latest James Bond film.

This one is about where the readings come from on a Sunday. For some people it will be like teaching grandma to suck eggs, but not for everyone. If it is useful, enjoy. If you know this stuff already, then God bless you, and please take no notice.