Kilt Monday?

Can anyone tell me who designated Monday as Kilt Monday? Was it the spiritual residue of so many bekilted pipers marching about on Glasgow Green in the rain over the weekend?

Three kilt incidents – all on Monday. I just don’t get it.

  • Firstly, a long discussion after Morning Prayer which included the sentiment that the Provost would look good in the kilt. This sentiment did not come from the Provost. (Given the recent rather dramatic weight loss, I’m delighted to report that the question, “Does my bum look big in this?” has become merely rhetorical).
  • Then we get Fr Madpriest’s diatribe against kilt wearing going on all through the day. It began with a post entitled Perversion Too Far and continued in other places and on other Anglican blogs. (See, we don’t always focus on the Usual Topic). This even caused Rev Mother Ruth and I to get into a rare public spat in the comments on his post. You have to scroll through quite a lot to get to the spat. (This all reminded me a little of the Advent Wreath Controversy which raged here for a time).
  • Then I went to Compline in the evening. It was rather lovely striking a pose in a gloomy corner. Feeling vaguely moody and thoughtful in company at the end of a long day is a special treat you should try if you have never discovered it. Just when I thought that Kilt Monday was over, the Cantor came over and asked me whether or not I had decided to take to the kilt yet. She makes them and was wanting to know whether I had been convinced of the idea yet or not.

What was all this about? I don’t believe for a moment in cosmic tartan reordering, so what caused all this? Is it because the SNP have a whiff of power? I knew it was a bad idea letting them appear to get their hands on power.