Press Release – Nigerian Air Crash


Prayers will be said at St Mary’s Cathedral in Glasgow this week remembering those who have died in Sunday’s plane crash in Nigeria.

People in the Cathedral are directly affected, as Nigerian members of the congregation are discovering today that they know friends who have lost family members in the tragedy.

Speaking after the disaster, Nigerian priest, based at St Mary’s, the Rev Chukwuemeka Iwuagwu said, “Our hearts go out from Glasgow to Nigeria and our thoughts and our prayers are with those who have lost family and friends. We are saddened by this loss of life. Nigerians at St Mary’s Cathedral are remembering all those affected and offer support to all Nigerians in Scotland at this time.”

“We grieve with all who suffer and weep with those who are sad. We are fortunate to have friends from the Christian Community here in Scotland who can share our grief”.

The Provost of St Mary’s, the Very Rev Kelvin Holdsworth added, “Nigerian Glaswegians offer so much vibrant life to our community here at St Mary’s. Just last week, many celebrated Pentecost day in colourful Nigerian national dress. As we celebrated together a week ago, so we mourn together in the face of sudden tragedy.”

St Mary’s Cathedral belongs to the Scottish Episcopal Church and has an international congregation drawn from all around the world, many of them from Nigeria.