West End Festival

I hasted to Kelvingrove (bonnie lassie-o) yesterday afternoon for the big event of the West End Festival. The park was looking lovely in the sun. Actually, I hasted to Kelvingrove (bonnie lassie-o) twice. I went down once in my dog collar to smile and nod my way through the crowd and speak to people on some of the stalls and then came back home, changed into something a little more comfortable and went back for the parade.

Highlights were the Amnesty stall, the astonishing Falun Gong people meditating in absolute stillness whilst all around them was noisy and busy and the LGBT Youth stall. I’ve not seen LGBT Youth take a stall at the W E Festival before but they certainly knew what they were doing – a steady line of parents and children queuing for facepainting. Brilliant.

Is it next week that it is the Gibson Street Fair? Must try to pop in on St Silas – they are having their open church afternoon which was fab last year. Oh, and I received a request for liturgical equipment from Nick Cox who is organising some of it. Must get in touch to pass over the goods.