Who guessed the Pope would turn out to be Mrs Beamish?

It has been wonderful seeing the enthusiasm of Roman Catholic friends for the refreshing breeze that Pope Francis has been bringing to their church over the last few months.

Lots of Anglicans are hugely admiring of what he has managed to achieve.

But what’s this coming from the Vatican now?

No less than an injunction to calm it down during the Peace in the mass.

A document has emerged which suggests several different ways in which to ensure that things don’t get over exuberant. As well as discouraging people from moving from their place, it also suggests:

“changing the way in which the exchange of peace is made.” In particular it notes that “familiar and worldly gestures of greeting” should be substituted with “other, more appropriate gestures.”

Well, there’s a whole load of other Anglicans are going to be impressed by this developement, I guess.

But who guessed that the Pope would turn out to be Mrs Beamish?