Sermon for RSCM Music Sunday

Here’s what I said on Sunday evening for the Royal School of Church Music – Music Sunday Massed Choirs Evensong

Video available here.

Just a few thoughts before our prayers – a few thoughts about what we are doing here tonight.

I had it in mind to preach such simple things tonight. I was going to take as my starting place the story we heard of David playing his lyre to sooth Saul’s soul when Saul the King got crazy with his violent rages.

My intention was to come up with a great paean of praise to music itself. For we do celebrate Music Sunday here.

I was going simply to stand here and list the glories of the West End Festival that those of us who live in this city are enjoying and to sing the praises of the Royal School of Church Music under whose banner so many good things happen.

I had it in mind to stand here like the conductor at the end of the Last Night of the Proms and to list the glories of our summer days. Of concerts and happenings and sung services and festival masses. And to cry for the glories of music, for music is inherently good.

But something happened as I was sitting down to write this rhapsody of words in praise of music. [Read more…]