Let’s hear it for Our Lady. (And for J Paul Getty)

Let’s hear it for our Lady on this the Feast of the Assumption. Here’s a gorgous pic of her being crowned in heaven.

Our Lady

And, let’s hear it for the J Paul Getty museum which has just decided to make a very significant collection of images, including the one above, available under an Open Content Programme. That means that the images are available in high quality for you to do what you like with. They are free at the point of delivery, just like healthcare.

The religious pics are fabulous and are crying out for use in blogs, courses, Lent and Holy Week programmes, Christmas Carol Service brochures and all kinds of things.

The picture above is a Coronation of the Virgin from Willem Vrelant, a Flemish illuminator who produced it sometimes around the 1460s. More about it here.

All hail Our Lady, Queen of Heaven.

All hail J Paul Getty for sharing her with us today.

She’s Still Singing

Oh, it isn’t over yet, you know. Our Lady is still singing for joy over the Easter Triumph yet.

50 days of unremitting joy were announced on Easter Day. Storms and hail and mid-May snow are not going to stop us.

Here’s a wee video of the way in which we keep the Feast around here. Great Western Road and Park Road never look finer than this – it is the joint walk of witness that we undertake with our friends in St Silas at this time every year.

He is risen indeed! Alleluia!