What a night!

My goodness, what a fabulous evening we had here for last night’s Michaelmas revels. We had received 30 or so positive replies from people saying that they were coming and guessed that 50 folk would come. I gave instructions that 80 service sheets should be printed and 80 hosts put in the ciborium just in case the unlikely happened and extra people turned up. In the end, the turnout was about 100.

When David Chillingworth preached at my Installation here, he said that he had asked the people in Bridge of Allan (my last congregation) what they would remember about my ministry. The response he had been given was that whatever else Kelvin got up to, at least he knew how to throw a good party.

At the time, I think that some people here in Glasgow (ie the choir) thought that this meant the advent of many invitations to Praepostorial Towers to drink party the night away. In fact, what Bishop David was referring to was my love for making something out of the religious feasts and festivals that colour the calendar. Last night was a good example of that.

The choir sang a Mozart Mass magnificently. Angels and Dragons kept appearing in unlikely places in the liturgy. (Yes Geoff, I did hear Puff the Magic Dragon being quoted whilst you were playing the organ for communion). Lots of people turned up who help in the welcome ministry at St Mary’s and lots of people turned up who’ve been welcomed to the congregation in the last year. Cedric, the Vice Provost was in the thick of it all, and of course, he counts in both categories. I forsee that with his anniversary here coming up in a couple of months, he is soon to stop being regarded as the New Vice-Provost.

In the end, it was very clear that light conquors darkness. My very greatful thanks to everyone who worked on this service and made the feast so glorious.