Sermon preached on 25 April – all about bishops

What with the reading being all about sheep and shepherds and with +Gregor being consecrated, it seemed like a good weekend to preach about the episcopate. Here's what I said:

On Friday evening, this place was packed full with guests for the consecration of a new bishop. People had come from all over the diocese and indeed from right across the world to celebrate the ordination of Gregor Duncan as a new bishop. Not any old bishop either. Our bishop for us, here in this place. And its here in this building that he was enthroned in his cathedra, the ornate and I suspect deeply uncomfortable seat which is up by the High Altar – the seat of the bishop and the throne which allows us to be known as a Cathedral church. [Read more…]

Book Review – A Fitting End

A Fitting End: Making the Most of a FuneralAll Souls’ Day at the start of November may make a lot of people think about funerals that they have known in their own families. It seems not to be uncommon for people to experience funerals which do not fully satisfy those who attend them. This book is an attempt to make something better out of a service which is always of the utmost significance and the details of which will often be remembered down the years.

Hugh James studied funeral practises for a higher degree from the University of Wales, so he has had much time to think about what he says. He is also a parish priest in Wales getting involved in the day to day business of looking after people when someone has died. This book is an attempt to ask what (and who) a funeral is for and also an attempt to tentatively suggest some strategies for remember well those who have died.

This is a wise, sensitive and caring publication. At a time when death is beginning to be talked about more than it has been so in the past, it deserves a wide readership. Suitable for clergy, lay readers, undertakers, pastoral carers, counsellors and anyone dealing with people who are bereaved. Helpful appendices give a lot of information about support groups, liturgical resources and contact details for those who deal with death.

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Published in inspires, the magazine of the Scottish Episcopal Church