In Search of the Presbyterian Sense of Humour

I’ve received a request off-blog from someone in the colonies, asking to be pointed to any Scottish bloggers writing from a presbyterian point of view who display the same kind of sense of humour as some of those linking to and posting comments on here.

I don’t know the answer to this one, so my appeal goes out, and not for the first time, can anyone point me to a similar community of Church of Scotland bloggers?

Although there are those who would snigger naughtily at the idea of a Presbyterian Sense of Humour, I am not one. (Oh no, not I). Having successfully located Presbyterian Camp some years ago, I feel sure that the Presbyterian Sense of Humour must be out there.

For those wanting to know, my discovery of Presbyterian Camp came during the years when I was an ecumenical corresponding member of Perth Presbytery. Whilst sitting at the back trying to be good one evening, I found myself pondering the semiotics of ecclesiatical camp, as you do. It suddenly struck me that Episcopalians tend to be camp in liturgy (even the straight ones) and rather brusque and diffident in synodical meetings (guilty as charged, m’lud). Whereas, with the C of S it is the other way round. This observation has held true for many years.

(I should like to add as a lemma, the interesting truth that Episcopalians seem to be very happy use snatches of Latin or Greek liturgically but would not dream of using them in meetings, whereas a meeting of Presbytery is littered with Latin whilst they almost never use it in church).

So, if they can do camp irony so well, they must be able to laugh amongst themselves online. Someone, for the sake of my Canadian correspondent, please point us to the right website.