Sunday’s Sermon on Vocations

Here’s what I said on Sunday about vocations

[Sorry about the poor audio. We’ve some major problems with the sound system that are going to take some weeks to sort out – however, the Vestry are well aware that Something Needs to be Done].

The Bishops of the Scottish Episcopal Church have asked the whole church today to reflect on vocations. The idea is that on this Sunday, when the readings tend to reflect on the idea of Jesus as the great shepherd of the flock, we think about the notion of calling. So we must think about how we discern God’s calling and what we might make as an appropriate response.

I am aware as I begin to open up that subject that we are stepping on sacred ground and must mind where we go. Immense amounts of sadness and disappointment have been the result of vocations, and not exclusively clerical vocations, which the church has not been able to affirm and rejoice in. On the other hand, this is, as the gathering place for the diocese, a place where vocations are delighted in and celebrated in ordination services and in various ways of thanksgiving for lay ministry, including the Ministry Celebrations Service in the summer.

But I do with caution. And I begin with my own experience. [Read more…]

Deaconings and Priestings

I’m sadly unable to be in St Mary’s this weekend for one of the most significant moments in the year – five people are being ordained at a special service on Saturday afternoon.

These are moments that people remember for the whole of their lives.

My exuberant good wishes to all those being ordained. Some I don’t know terribly well and some I have known at key points on their journey. For all, pray.

For those being made deacon – may you be blessed in God’s service and you serve others.

For those being made priests – remember you were made a deacon first. It remains your foundational ministry. To it, are these blessings added – to bring God to people and people to God in ways sacramental and mysterious.

Come Holy Ghost, our souls inspire
And lighten with celestial fire
All those being ordained today
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.