Sermon preached on 10 November 2013

What are you fighting for…in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit?

The gospel reading that we’ve just heard is a very particular one. The question is – if a man dies and his widow marries his brother, and six brothers die and she marries her way down the family, whose bride will she be in heaven.

What deep truth does this question and Jesus’s answer convey to us.

Well, I wasn’t supposed to be preaching today and swapped a couple of days ago with one of my colleagues.

The deep truth that this passage conveys to me today is always to check what the bible readings are before you agree to swap a date in the pulpit.

I’m going to start from a different place though and work my way back to what is going on in the gospel reading this morning. For the question is not straightforward at all, never mind the answer. [Read more…]