History of Scotland gig – Stirling Castle

Went last night to Stirling Castle, representing the Scottish Episcopal Church, for the launch of a BBC Scotland TV series on the History of Scotland which begins tonight.

The Great Hall of Stirling Castle is one of the great places of that nation. I love it. Even lit badly and with TV gantries strewn across it as it was last night, it is still an extraordinary space. It also has a remarkably good accoustic.

Last night we were treated to the strings of the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and Eddi Reader and her band. The strings played bits of the Grieg’s Holberg Suite (because Edvard Grieg was a Scot, natch) and played a new suite of music which accomanies the TV series. They also accompanied Ms Reader who sang a set which was mostly songs by the bard. It was a delightful noise in a fantastic place and I came away thinking that the license fee is jolly good value for money, as I always do when I go to extravagent BBC parties.

No doubt in recent times, when the Nationalist cause appeared to be rising, there have been those who have perceived that the Beeb could be a front-line political target. Hence, perhaps, the need to be more Caledonian than thou.

Makes for a good night out though.

The TV series begins tonight and is worth setting the digibox for. (Lots of moody pictures of clouds rushing by scenic places that we know and love).