Embryology Bill

I’ve already had a go at saying how I would have voted on the current legislation which is before parliament. I’d have voted against the “saviour siblings” amendment but would support the whole bill now that this has been passed.

I’d have voted in the same way that my own MP voted last night on the various amendments which sought to reduce the abortion limit ie I would have voted to keep the limit at 24 weeks. I can’t see any of the moral absolutes which some religious people can see in this debate. The law has to say something and what we currently have is no more and no less than moral pragmatism.

Generally, I tend towards looking at moral questions from a position which would favour situational ethics. It is the kind of approach which seems to enrage some people when you spell it out to them and then the same people seem to go off and adopt the same methodology when it suits them.

For the record, I wish that there were many fewer abortions carried out in this country. I happen to believe that reducing the time limit by a few weeks is one of the least effective ways of bringing that about. I am bewildered by those who campaign against abortion and also campaign against contraception.

All of which reminds me, I must do my All you need to know about Christian Ethics in Six Cartoons evening again sometime.