BBC Broadcast

My very greatful thanks to all those who helped to make the BBC Broadcast possible. I’m very pleased with it. It is a big corporate task involving script input and delivery, choiring, organing, breakfast service, stewarding, serving, musician supporting and congregation turner-uping. Without any of these it would be greatly diminished.

I’m told that the broadcast sounded very lively with lots of energy and that the place sounded full. You can hear it again on the BBC iPlayer at this link for 7 days.

Now, I’m on annual leave for a couple of weeks. That means that I get to post on the blog whatever I feel like and also that some things may have been posted in advance. It also means that I may up the comment moderation settings a bit.

The Rev Cedric Blakey is in charge in St Mary’s whilst I’m not going into the office and I’ll be back to the grindstone after leave finishes and General Synod is completed for another year.

Oh, and yes, I do know about the General Assembly and am getting ready to watch it online.

Sunday Worship – Radio 4

You can here this morning’s Sunday worship on Radio 4 by following this link to the BBC iPlayer.

Some feedback from those who live in other countries would be welcome. We know that those overseas can hear BBC Radio 4 streamed live but we are uncertain whether the iPlayer works for radio when you are furth from these shores.

There is a wonderful sense of excitement about doing these broadcasts – last minute changes, preprepared prayers being slotted in to keep the timing right even during the service and most frightening, listening to the 8 am news in case anything has happened in the world which needs to be acknowledged in the opening words of the broadcast.

My thanks to all concerned. It was an excellent service and the work of many hands.