Four quick theatre reviews

I’ve been out quite a lot recently. Here are some quick reviews.

  • Sunset Song at the Kings, Glasgow – excellent production which could perhaps have been improved with surtitles. The Doric became no easier as the night went on. Although I enjoyed this, I left the theatre delighted that the National Theatre of Scotland was not doing this kind of thing. Lay somewhere in the theatrical space bordered on one side by Lark Rise to Candleford at the National and the Irish National Folk Theatre of Tralee on the other.
  • Don Juan at the Citz – far too clever a production for its own good. Three prologues one after another seemed a terribly long way to get into the action. The gratuitous nude scene involving a shower curtain as the opener was well done and completely gratuituous. Time travel like this can work on the stage but one left the theatre feeling as though sometimes it should be left to Dr Who.
  • Noises Off at the Kings – excellent. Such a good place. The farceur’s farce. Left me realising that I work in a Noises Off Congregation.
  • Six Acts of Love at the Tron tonight. A mediocre play reasonably well acted. The denoument was unbelieveable and yet so very predictable. How very odd that it was not marketed in Glasgay, yet a gay audience would be be the least likely to believe in it. Yet, the frustration of Alzheimer’s was all too real to behold.