Thurible of the Week – 26 July 2014

Spotted in St Mary’s Episcopal Church, Port Glasgow. From the Epiphany Chapel.

thurible from Port Glasgow

The Past Tense

Sometimes museums are terribly annoying. I found myself getting all worked up about this thurible.


Well, It wasn’t exactly the thurible that got me worked up but the card next to it.


The caption uses the past tense. “Censors were used…”

Censors are used. It somehow felt so frustrating to look at an object that I could pick up and use in my daily work and which seemed to me to be in as good a state as when it was first made and yet see the caption speaking about the use as being something in the past.

As I looked around the same gallery, all the references to anything liturgical were expressed in the same way:

“Music was important in the Christian liturgy…”

There’s no was about it.