Trinity Sermon 2008

[audio:Trinity Sermon – 2008.mp3]

Here’s something a little different.

I recorded the sermon this morning and you should be able to hear it if you click on the icon above. The underlying file is quite big (9MB) so this may be only for those who have broadband.

Does it work? Can you hear me? What do you think?


I’ve added the text of the sermon below for any not able to hear. Note that the text that I was preaching from is not the same as what I said. What you see below is the main argument but with the jokes and the conclusion missed out. (A bit like the Bible really….)


Increasingly, we find ourselves talking to atheists. This morning, I want to reflect on the kind of conversations that ensue.

The current round of publicity which Professor Dawkins attracts for his books is extraordinary. [Read more…]