Differences in Demolitions

I was faced with a choice tonight. To the opera or to the Baths Club AGM. (It is that old monastery/deerpark conundrum from Mr Søren Churchyard all over again, isn’t it?).

This time I chose pleasure over duty and went to the opera to see Nigel Osborne’s, Differences in Demolitions.

There was some tremendous singing and the music was fabulous including some very effective Bosnian-style percussion. I cannot claim to say that I understood all of the plot. That we were in the Balkans was clear. Three warring brothers ripped up an old family scarf pretty early on. I got that bit. Several characters appeared whom I could not really understand, including a bride in a paper dress who sang magnificently and a comedy secularized Mustapha, who seemed to me to be a bit of an afterthought. However, the music was so interesting that any care about the script soon passed by.

We were in a house of many ghosts. And in that house, the ghosts could sing.

Here is a taster:

Wonder whether the Baths Club AGM would have made a good opera. I suspect it might.

Rating: ★★★½☆