BBC Prayer for the Day – the Arab Spring

Good morning.

It is a year ago today since the death of Mohammed Bouazizi. His name won’t be known by many people but though he was a rather humble street vender he was surely one of the most influential people of recent years.

Mohammed Bouazizi was the person who set fire to himself in protest at perceived injustices in Tunisia. His extreme act ignited what soon became known as the Arab Spring. Country after country saw street protests and crowds clamouring for democracy and justice all across North Africa and the Middle East.

The clamour for justice is nothing new – it resounds from the lips of the scribes, sages and prophets of every genuine religious experience known to humanity. The struggle to put things that are wrong to rights should be at the core of what politicians are up to every day around the world. The hope for a better tomorrow is shared by diverse people of goodwill on distant continents and in far-off lands.

Hoards have taken to the streets. Crowds have chanted. People power has upturned governments. We have watched tyrants fall but don’t yet know what kind of forces will step into power. We have no idea what kind of governments will emerge from all this turmoil.

In the midst of all this change and uncertainty one thing seems sure – that it is possible to build a brighter future for those who come after us.

God of justice,
hear us as we pray for peace with equity.
Help us to stand up for the vulnerable,
walk with the weary
and work in hope for a better tomorrow. Amen.

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