Easter Sermon 2013

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Early in the morning, in the cold early light of the day, some of us gathered to celebrate this Great Feast. Bishop Gregor lit the Easter Fire outside and then we processed into church to welcome the risen Saviour with hymns and confirmations and baptisms and great rejoicing. And afterwards we made our way to the Synod Hall for a splendid breakfast rejoicing in the good news that on Easter Day there are no calories in anything.

I was reminded as we ate our breakfast together of an Easter celebration that took place some years ago whilst I was at college.

It was the custom in that University Chapel for a great basket of Scottish Morning Rolls to be processed to the altar to be blessed. One of the rolls would be chosen to be the bread for communion on the altar and the rest would be put to one side and then these were shared as a breakfast after the service.

One this particular occasion, I remember the University Chaplain choosing the bread roll carefully from amongst those offered to him. It was to become the Bread of Promise after all.

He put it upon the silver paten. He said, The Lord be With You and went on to bid us Lift Up Our Hearts.

It was easy to do. It was Easter and our hearts were all rejoicing.

When he finished the Eucharistic Prayer, he carefully and devoutly took the Bread of Heaven in his hands and broke it carefully. And as he did so, I thought I saw a moment of deep prayer.

He stood frozen to the spot and then a shiver appeared to go through him. It was as though the Holy Spirit has suddenly descended upon him.

We waited a moment and then he said, “oooh”.

We looked at him in anticipation. [Read more…]