A Reputation for Romance

From what I hear around the West End, St Mary’s has quite a reputation as being one of the best places to find true love.

Particularly at Evensong.

Who knew?

West End meets Maryhill Road

Don’t miss Layclerk’s story about what happened to him on the way to a choir party over the weekend. An excellent account of what happens when the West End meets Maryhill Road.

Layclerk lives in what I think is called the Outer West End of the city.

Once you’ve read his tale, head on over to see Fr Madpriest’s take on the same story and the comments from readers who can’t understand what on earth Layclerk is on about. He clearly needs to speak with subtitles. Someone needs to tell Fr Madpriest that Glasgow beats Newcastle in any game of Top Trumps whilst they are there.

Layclerk always tells us not to read his blog if we are worried about his language. Now that Fr Madpriest has washed his mouth out with soap, there is a niche for someone, Layclerk.  (And how we admired Fr Madpriest restoring the Gena Rowlands Band track to his blog on the day he was told to stop swearing).