Lotions & potions, pills and powders

Am living through a litany of lotions and potions, pills and powders.

Thus far, the past few days have included:

  • paracetamol
  • lemsip (max strength)
  • vicks vapour rub (v sticky)
  • benylin
  • strepsils
  • tyrozets
  • lightbox (first outing of the winter)
  • multivitamins
  • rhodiola rosea
  • cod liver oil

The remarkable thing is that I’ve had to buy none of these remedies. I already had them.

It is a full time job making sure you don’t rub on the benylin or swallow the vapour rub.

Late night update:

To to above list, add

  • Tea Tree oil
  • Glenmorangie
  • Almond oil

It has been a sticky kind of a day.


  1. Roddy says

    Hmmmm…. I detect a mild attack of polypharmacy. Keep it simple. Paractemol for fever/pain. Brufen for pain/headache if paracetamol doesn’t work. Menthol crystals (available at most chemists)and boiling water for a steam inhalation. Lemon juice, whisky, sugar and hot water. Everything else is expensive and no more effective than what I suggest.

    My late father always relied on whisky and a hat to get him through the lurgy. He went to bed, put the hat on the end of the bed and then drank the whisky until the hat started moving around of its own accord. Worked like a charm and certainly took his mind off his symptoms.

    For the above advice I will cap my prefessional fee at a very modest 50 guineas.

  2. Roddy says

    For the inability to spell professional properly I will reduce the fee note to £50.

  3. kelvin says

    Thanks Roddy.

    It is so much easier to cope with now that I have a proper medical diagnosis of polypharmacy.

    Never understood why chemists don’t stock whisky.

  4. My grandmother (God rest her soul) used to feed my mother (ditto) Vicks Vapo-Rub (methylated Vaseline, actually) when my mother had a cold.

    Luckily my mother never inflicted that on us.

    And chemists used to stock various forms of medicinal spirits, years ago. Now it’s easier to go to the off-license.

  5. I’d second the above having active ingredients of whisky and preferably half a lime instead of lemon.

    Get well soon or I might have to bless you again on fb. :8)

  6. A friend of mine used to swear by the following approach: drink until the viruses are tipsy and then, with their defenses thus lowered, asphyxiate them with smoke. Accordingly at the first sign of a cold he would buy a box of the cheapest cigars available and hie himself to the nearest bar.

  7. My mother used to apply a mustard plaster – strong english mustard – after a suitable time period, this would be washed off, followed by a long soak in the bath and then to bed.

  8. Oh dear! Do get well very soon…

  9. Roddy says

    Tea tree oil, Glenmorangie and Almond Oil? I think you’ve discovered a new cocktail! Let’s call it the Provost’s Pleasure and market it. Given that some people like Bacardi Breezers which are no more than the byproducts of the petrochemical industry this is full of ‘natural’ ingredientsand therefore good for you. Like those other natural ingredients yew berries and arsenic…..

  10. Echinacea, or at least the faith in its powers, can work wonders. But you have to have faith ….
    Hope you feel better soon. 🙂

  11. Elizabeth says

    Try adding honey to the whiskey, hot water and lemon.

  12. Has your pretty blog got a cold too? It’s gone all blue this morning. Dying, perhaps? 🙁

  13. kelvin says

    Chris, I don’t know why my theme switched itself to something more blue. I’m on a new web host, but that still should not happen.

  14. kelvin says

    Theme switching should be sorted now, Chris.

    It was cause by my having incorrectly installed the theme for mobile users. Every time someone tried to read the site on a mobile phone or something similar, the theme system was reset to the default.

    Hope it is fixed now.

  15. All better now – rather like your good self, I believe. Congrats all round.


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