Cabin Fever

Am getting cabin fever, I think. First it was the snow and then I got a horrible snuffly head cold which has kept me grounded for a couple of days.

Have not been able to accomplish terribly much over the last couple of days except to take once again to various lotions and potions.

Did manage to read a book which I will review in due course. Its Richard Giles’s latest liturgy book, At Heaven’s Gate: Reflections on Leading Worship. It is tempting to say that its Richard Giles’s latest version of the book he has written several times before, however, that would  be cruel and its better to think of it as a distillation of the best bits with a few new bits added. I think its a good book and a good thing for anyone who plans or leads worship to read.

What makes a good book? Well, I guess by calling it a good book, I intend to convey that the author shares a great many of the prejudices that I have whilst simultaneously challenging the rest of my prejudices in an interesting way.

Lotions & potions, pills and powders

Am living through a litany of lotions and potions, pills and powders.

Thus far, the past few days have included:

  • paracetamol
  • lemsip (max strength)
  • vicks vapour rub (v sticky)
  • benylin
  • strepsils
  • tyrozets
  • lightbox (first outing of the winter)
  • multivitamins
  • rhodiola rosea
  • cod liver oil

The remarkable thing is that I’ve had to buy none of these remedies. I already had them.

It is a full time job making sure you don’t rub on the benylin or swallow the vapour rub.

Late night update:

To to above list, add

  • Tea Tree oil
  • Glenmorangie
  • Almond oil

It has been a sticky kind of a day.